Mr Galloway

I wish there could be a more sophisticated allusion to Mrs Dalloway – an ironic jab at the superficial similarities between a feminist and apologist for rape – but I can’t think of one. Work it out for yourself.

Anyway, I believe this took place in Christ Church:

No one should be shocked, really. This is a man who has praised virtually every Middle-Eastern dictator in the past few decades; the subtotal accomplishment of his career has been to disgrace the anti-war movement. In this light, a spot of racism is hardly overwhelming.

edit: also this from the Telegraph. He’s losing allies.


One Comment on “Mr Galloway”

  1. […] endorsing the boycott of Israeli academic. Heartened though I was by the hostility towards Galloway’s walkout at the Christ Church debate (whom he discovered was – gasp! – born in Israel), […]

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