Love and God

So I ran into this photo earlier:

The simplicity is telling, don’t you think? The focus on a single line, the blurring of everything else. A lot of left-minded Christians today like to think that their religion is nothing but love, when clearly anyone who has ready virtually any of the Bible knows that this an incredibly ludicrous distortion.

If you’re one of them, I’d be interested to know – is God love? Or is love God? What comes to your mind first – love or God? It’s a battle of emphases with crucial implications. If you lean towards love being God rather than God being love then you’re embracing humanism. And it’s a mindset which takes the principle of compassion and decency and then elevates it to universal, international prominence: suddenly religious vindication becomes the promotion of human decency, and does so irrespective of divinity. It recognises that humans do not need to worship books to do good works.

Part and parcel of Christianity’s decline? Corrupted by love! Now, there’s a pleasant irony.


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    Too often do people forget this.

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