Ann Widdecombe: Scrap Equality, It’s Unpopular

The hero of the hour.

The Conservatives’ recent defeat in the Eastleigh by-election – or rather, their loss of votes to UKIP – is down to David Cameron’s refusal to give way to opponents of equality, according to champion of the oppressed Ann Widdecombe:

Sorry David but it is you, not your party, that has to change if you are to be PM after 2015. Gay marriage has played an enormous role in all this but you wouldn’t listen – you brushed off your MPs, who were trying to tell you that their supporters were leaving, with the words “it’s a free vote”.

But it’s fine – she’s not homophobic. She has a gay friend:

They tried to tell you that no matter how they voted supporters would leave because the Conservatives were introducing the measure – and now Eastleigh has made the point for them – but you wouldn’t listen. One of my friends, a gay journalist who opposes the Bill, was taken to task by one of your advisers who seemed to think that all should think as you do. They don’t, David, they don’t.

suspect that this journalist would be Andrew Pierce: one of his many delightful articles here.

Meanwhile, more and more gay teenagers are worried that they might be Christian: source.

The openly gay teen, who came out to his parents at age 14 and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months, said he first began to suspect he might be different last year, when he started feeling an odd stirring within himself every time he passed a church. The more conservative the church, Faber claimed, the stronger his desire was to enter it.


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  1. I enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing.
    Chris Mobley

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