The Rise of Eastern Literature?

For all of Edward Said’s complacent dismissals of Eastern backwardness as imperialist-driven, novelist Ayfer Tunç argues that Turkish writers are perfectly capable of rising above the interminable clash of Occident with Orient:

… we’ve come to find it hard to believe in our own quality. This is because the history of our republic is the history of our complex about the West. We imported from the West, but we couldn’t believe we could send anything back in the other direction. This is the issue at the heart of our literature. But I’m keen to believe that young writers from this country can overcome this complex.

I don’t doubt it. Western values don’t need to be isolated to the West; literature can rise about the local and explore the universal.

If, of course, there’s the market to buy it.


6 Comments on “The Rise of Eastern Literature?”

  1. piaspurpose says:

    “literature can rise about the local and explore the universal.”
    yes please!

  2. I think the market is changing. Great excerpt!

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for that link! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to read Arabic literature in English but so little of it gets translated that it normally feels I wouldn’t get much of an insight. Interesting…

      • It’s quite an active group and always informing abt english-translated activities all over the globe… recently they were posting abt Edinburgh and London… and manchester maybe as well? … don’t remember now… I think u’ll like it, bud!

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