Things will only get better

… this week. Following my month-long exam-related lapse of blogging, I’m returning with ideas for future (better) posts on which to write. I noticed that my posts were becoming increasingly Syria-related. Now that theme won’t end, because it’s bloody important – not a pun, you terrible human beings – and because events are making me hate everyone who speaks about it.

That said, ideas brewing in no especial order:

  • Edward Snowden: a product of the villainy he’s denouncing? A more morally-grounded alternative to Assange? Less visceral in its commentary than Manning? Leading to –
  • Internet openness: is the internet a microcosm of the real world? Should it be? Is it a part of the real world? What laws do, and do not, apply there? Is an anarchic vacuum being filled by the despots of the ancien régime?
  • Ian Brady: do we let the Moors murderer die? Scant knowledge of psychiatry, as well as facts and philosophy (both legal and moral) will provoke attempts to disentangle a layman’s confused ignorance.
  • Student politics: what it means, what it should mean and it what it will never mean. More microcosms, fewer answers – all brewed in the mind of a student bored with the moderate realities of university political circles. Marxism, Doris Lessing, narcissism.
  • Something literary: random poem? Random poet? Finish a book or two, pretend I understand more than I inevitably will.
  • Pseudo-polemicists and their love of populism: why middle-class societies should be sceptical of grassroots activism.

To gravitate towards that very populism: any other ideas?

(Here’s a merry video culminating in a creepy shot of Tony Blair to get you in the mood.)


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